Method to Install GarageBand App on Windows PC

GarageBand comes as a one-stop solution for creating music. It even helps users in recording and playing their self-composed songs. Boasting of friendly accessibility and professional, top quality audio, GarageBand for Windows features a completely functional and useful audio library including presets, instruments and voice.

GarageBand is the absolute asset for experts into composing music tracks mainly because it has a huge collection of session instruments. Take for example; it has 5 drum auditions to suit the distinct style of every individual.

Besides being equipped with features like EDM, Jazz synth sound and hundreds of Hip Hop, the app also comes complete with in-built lessons for guitar and piano. It has an insanely massive library for all the instruments. The users also get to make their choice from a large number of combinations and permutations.

Is GarageBand Installable on PC?

The GarageBand app comes from the house of Apple, which is why it is compatible with all the iOS devices. But there is nothing for you to worry about as you can even use this application on your PC. And yes, it works as smoothly as any of the Apple devices.

Using GarageBand App on Windows PC

The ones with the Windows operating system can also use GarageBand by following some simple techniques. GarageBand – the digital music app can be used on a Windows OS by following two common procedures, and they are:


This virtual machine software works for X86-64 and X86 computers. It helps in operating more than one system at a time using a single host computer. On the computer hardware, VMWare builds an abstraction layer which in turn divides the processor and storage memory into many virtual machines.

iOS Emulators

These programs are available for various platforms. They help you operate iOS apps on other systems by replicating the iPhone hardware. Using these programs, the app developers also examine the iPhone software.

PC Specifications Required for Using GarageBand

Before even installing the GarageBand app on your PC, ensure that the system meets the specifications provided below:

●  8 Gb minimum hard drive space

●  RAM ranging between 4 GB and 8 GB

●  Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and XP

●  RYZEN 7, Intel i5 processor or anything higher

Method 1: Steps to Download VMWare

VMWare is crucial for running virtual-based operating system applications on a Windows system.

The software brings an end to restrictions and provides users easy access to a wide assortment of applications and software without any issues. Additionally, going the VMWare way is perfectly suitable for Intel processor-based processors.

The steps you need to follow for enabling virtualization on a Windows system go like this:

Step 1: In the start menu, go to the BIOS. Here, you will find a virtualization option just under the button that says Advanced. Activate the option by pressing the Enter key.

Step 2: Download macOS Sierra on the system.

Step 3: Next, download VMWare Workstation Player and install it by clicking on the .exe file. There is no need to run the same at the moment.

Step 4: Use WinRar for extracting macOS Folder File.

Step 5: Navigate the path: macOS Sierra>macOS Sierra 10.12 tools>Final YouTube folder>unlocker 208, to obtain Win-install.

Step 6: Next, run win-install as administration, now, right-click on the same and then press the option that says “Run and Administrator.”

Step 7: This will have a command prompt on the screen displaying changes on Windows. (Note: This will take some time to complete).

Step 8: Next, open VMWare, and then click on the option “Open Virtual Machine.”

Step 9: This will open a new window on the screen. Here, you will have to browse the pathway: macOS Sierra>macOS Sierra 10.12 tools<Final YouTube Folder> macOS Sierra. Now tap on the operating system.

Step 10: Next, select Edit Virtual Machine Settings for switching system resource allocation.

Step 11: Choose the required Processor Cores according to system specifications.

Step 12: Last, choose the specified RAM amount for VMWare to use. This completes the VMWare installation procedure successfully.

Now, it is not the end of the process. There’s much more to do. Without making further delays, let us get onto the steps to run GarageBand further.

Boot macOS Sierra

Step 1: Launch VMWare player all over again.

Step 2: Next, click on Play Virtual Machine. It will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to launch the operating system screen.

Step 3: Choose the country of origin and click on the Continue option below.

Step 4: You will get a list of languages. Choose the preferred language here and click the option Continue.

Step 5: you will get to the next page. Here, choose the option “Don’t transfer any information now.”

Step 6: Put a checkmark on the option “Enable location.” You do not need to do this step if you don’t want to.

Step 7: Come up with an Apple ID and also agree to Apple’s “Terms and Conditions.”

Step 8: Get to the iCloud Keychain Screen to choose the “Set Up Later” option. Next, click on Continue.

Step 9: here, you should choose your time zone at present carefully. Now, wait for a minimum of ten minutes for the process to complete. This is the end of your macOS Sierra boot procedure.

Step 10: Finally, look for GarageBand in the Apple Store search box. Once you find it, install the same.

Method 2: Downloading through Emulators


iPadian is one of the most popular iOS emulators for downloading GarageBand on Windows PC. It gives users the scope of getting the feel of a completely new operating system available from the house of Apple on their computers or laptops.

The different features of this emulator include access to the App Store, Siri, WatchOS, iMessage and TvOS. It is a programme aimed towards bringing in the features that were previously only reserved for the Apple users to every individual and that too completely free of cost.

Nevertheless, the iPadian app is not an original emulator. It does the work of simulating an iOS user interface on a computer by using a Windows 7 operating system or anything higher.  

Below, we will be going through the process of launching iPadian.

Process of Installing through iPadian

Step 1: Download and install iPadian emulator.

Step 2: Run the iPadian emulator. Visit the App Store once the process is complete.

Step 3: Look for the GarageBand app in the search box.

Step 4: You will get a list of music apps. Choose GarageBand here and download the same.

Step 5: run GarageBand in iPadian emulator.

The app is all prepped up, and you can start using it on your computer.

Process of Installing iPadian

Step1: Download iPadian and install the emulator on the Windows system you are using.

Step 2: Now launch iPadian. (Note: Beginners into using iPadian should sign-in with their Google IDs for using this emulator.)

Step 3: In the search box of the emulator, type GarageBand. Click on the app when you find it, and you are done. The app is there on your system.

GarageBand Features

●  With a very smooth and user-friendly interface, GarageBand is simple to use for everyone, whether you are tech-savvy or not.

●  It is very useful for the novice as it comes with less technical controls.

●  Playing several audio tracks with this software is very easy as it works as a music sequencer. You can use it as a digital audio workstation too.

●  Create your own music or play live with this software as it comes with many modeled synthesizers along with great instruments.

●  Interested in piano lessons or guitar? Then you can use GarageBand for downloading the music lessons for the same which are already recorded there.

●  With its Dummer feature, you can easily create your own drumming grooves.

●  3D touch feature lets you effortlessly use the filter settings and touch keyboard. Hence, you can make your song in less time. 

●  It comes with an awesome audio unit extension and 3rd Party plug-in effects.

●  There are many graphical and interactive audio equalization tools too.

●  With Live Loops feature you can experiment with your songs or record it in the free cells.

●  For each and every iOS user, GarageBand comes totally free.

GarageBand – Your Ultimate Music Composing App – Why

●  For the ones who are looking for straightforward and user-friendly applications for creating music, nothing but GarageBand can work out.

●  With a plethora of features and functionalities, it is the one-stop destination for music enthusiasts to fill their music aspirations.

●  The app will help you compose music on-the-go using acoustic drums, bass, keyboards, guitars, and various other exciting musical instruments.

●  Using this software is the same as possessing a digital music station right in your home. The beginners in creating music can also use this app for honing their skills.

●  This intuitive application will help them create hit tracks within moments of use.

GarageBand Alternatives


This is a bit different type of alternative to GarageBand for Windows. Stagelight comes as one of the easiest ways of composing music in Android and Windows devices. The main focus behind developing this app is offering complete comfort to the users. The app can be used for testing out the audios and the loops that are in sync and are handled by artists during live performances. The live mode of the use of this app is what has helped the alternative grab huge popularity.

There is this loop builder that makes the artists feel as if they are professional DJs. It helps artists in creating sound tracks in shot simply by adding and organizing drums, audios and other instruments. The tones of the instruments can easily be organized by using automated beat syncing.

Further, there are features for editing the audios and tracks with MIDI. The loop library of this app is very wide and comes pre-configured with templates and layouts. Users of the app also get the scope of importing and exporting tones and songs.

One of the best things about using this GarageBand alternative is it helps the beginners in creating soundtracks by giving them the chance to learn more about different types of musical instruments. The app also features demo lessons and fresh start assignment lessons.

The free Stagelight version has limited library and features while the registered users get to download as many videos and sounds as they require. Effective use of this app can boost block size and even change bugs. This app has the ability of fixing different types of crashes simultaneously. It has the ability of transforming, importing and exporting songs and even supports Android devices.

The Dubstar track featured on Stagelight can be started and stopped with just a single click. The drum and bass tracks that feature note editors can be used very easily. The user interface of this app is royal, jazzy and effortless. The app can serve as a guide for young and upcoming music artists. It is easy for the beginners to use this app because it features straightforward sequencer steps for building music with tracks and beats.


This is yet another exceptional digital music production tool that can be used in place of GarageBand. It comes loaded with a massive collection of customization features, loops, virtual instruments, and plug-in effects from the third parties. Moreover, you can use it for producing different studio-quality albums with great flexibility.

This app stands out from the others because of its multichannel support and fast loading speed. It works with both Mac and Windows OS and is one of the best music composition apps available within an affordable range.

Reaper is an app perfectly suitable for professionals and experts. Users of this app can overdue, record, fade, crossfade, split, resize, punch shift, trim, transcript and in and out several tracks simultaneously. The app even has the potential of arming and disarming tones, notes and beats without pausing the track while concluding music creation that is completely breathtaking.

The app records and monitors input music with or without the use of software FX. It can even help in setting up different monitors for varied assignments simultaneously by the use of independent tabs. The track of each of the monitors supports around 64 individual routable channels.

The reaper app is also efficient at adding MIDI plugin and JSFX scripting engine while giving users the flexibility of inserting third party tracks like DX/DXi, VST and so on. There is one Reaper version available for the beginners into making music. It is a highly professional studio available in the market.

Reaper is the right platform for sampling, composing, editing, mixing, adding and merging soundtracks and audios. Users of this app get the scope of adding hardware sound interface for making professional quality tracks which include orchestra, soloist and band.

Then there is the full Reaper version available for professionals. The huge library of this app consisting of VST effects is also quite impressive. This can be of good help for the highly skilled and experienced music artists. It is necessary for music enthusiasts to have some knowledge and idea of the basic level in order to use Reaper. It is also vital for the users to possess primary conceptual ideas.

FL Studio

Another popular alternative to GarageBand, this music production app for Windows systems is easy to use. The app is one of the best music production tools mainly because it comes with functionalities like mixing, music rearranging, and editing.

This app gets you covered on everything that you require as a music composer. You get top quality support for all VST plug-ins making the important difference for certain music ventures. The only problem with this app is it is not free of cost.

FL Studio comes as one of the most widely utilized DAW or Digital Audio Workstation mainly because it is available for free. The free trial option of this app works for all macOS and Windows devices. The reason why many music artists consider it over GarageBand is because it comes with some extra features.

It is a complete package of adding, editing, mixing and compressing features that are not available with the other digital audio workstations. Another best thing about this app is it lets users create pleasant sound tracks while rehearsing and analyzing with patterns and beats that are quite compassionate and quick.

One more great quality of this app is it helps users in getting their final music and compositions without going through any difficulty. A large number of visionary artists use this app because it supports unrestricted changes in time signature. Besides this, it comes with a library supporting several arrangements. The arrangements available with the app library feature varied templates and layouts of sound tracks, patterns, designs and audios.

Artists using this app also get to work with varied versions simultaneously. It goes a long way in reducing CPU load simply by converting tracks in real time patterns and effects. Audio input compensation, mixer FX compensation, mixing compensation, control on mixers and plugin wrapper compensation are the other important features of FL Studio.

Mixcraft 8 Home

This is yet another great alternative to GarageBand for Windows when it comes to getting the coarse power for recording and mixing up sounds and tracks. The superior quality user interface of this app is quite an intuitive boasting of third party plugins, hardware controllers, and time developing technology.

The app has the potential of recording unlimited virtual musical instrument audios, tracks, and effects. With the app by your side, you can delete compiled tracks and sound offhand.

One of the most significant features of Mixcraft 8 Home is it can easily convert sound tracks into MP3 audios and other popular formats as required by the users. The huge library of this GarageBand alternative features classic and reliable symphonies; professional sound tracks; samples of sound effects and electric piano.

There is a performance panel that offers a live performance attribute to the users. The users can indulge in loop-based music composition and can even edit their music or sound tracks in between performances. The app composes step editor; notation editor and piano roll editor.

Mixcraft 8 Home even features channel attributes, compressors, boosters, parametric equalizers, spectral analyzers and various other important effects. Besides, the app includes added audio plugin counting Pianissimo Piano, voltage modular ignite, melodyne essentials and various other amazing instruments and effects.

Powerful, responsive and clear grand piano sounding is what makes this music composing app completely different from the other alternatives available for GarageBand. That’s because there is no other sound or track that can beat the exotic music delivered by a piano.

With Mixcraft 8 Home, the users also get a wide assortment of hardware control settings. They can access live recording features and even get the flexibility of changing their performances with the use of the MIDI launchpad or the Novation launchpad.

This feature is also available with the new version of the app. The control and routing features of Mixcraft 8 Home are simply amazing which include track grouping, output tracks and advanced MIDI routing.

The app is not just useful in merging sound but can even serve as a video editing app. It gives its users the flexibility of editing, deleting, adding and cross-fading videos. They can even create video changeovers and enumerate titles.

Samplitude Pro X4

Samplitude Pro X4 is quite worthy of the attention of music enthusiasts and beginners into creating music mainly because of its simplified network of mastering devices and tools. it has an object-oriented approach towards composing music and is highly beneficial for developers engaged in an active community of music composers. This solid and performance-based digital audio workstation is improving in its features and performance at a very fast pace.

It has been used for composing soundtracks since the early years of the 90s and has always been successful in rendering the best results to the users. It is still the same in operation since its inception while retaining its settings that became all the more obscure in recent times.

The main screen of this app features a modern and stylish layout which is complete with a very huge segment for sound waveforms. Then there is a huge amount of space for adding frequently-used edit windows. Its user-interface might appear a bit cluttered but users will surely appreciate  the readily available settings and options once they get accustomed to using the DAW.

Samplitude’s workflow is object-oriented. Here, it is necessary to know that an object is any kind of audio that can be created or imported into track files. These come with certain properties remaining duly preserved while the users make proper adjustments.

The users have the freedom of applying effects and plugins to almost any kind of audio file. They can even play the file by creating signature sounds while the original files remain intact.

There are a total of 17 instruments available with the basic version of the Samplitude Pro X4. Then there is the Suite version of the app available that comes with a total of 22 instruments.    


Q: Is GarageBand the right app for composing music?

A: Yes, GarageBand is the most perfect app for composing music. This is because it is available completely free of cost and also comes with highly advanced features. Nevertheless, the more modern version of the app should be used for reaping the benefits of its features.

Q:  Is it possible to compose professional sound tracks with GarageBand?

A: Yes, the app can be used for creating professional music. Since its very inception in the market, many popular artists and music producers have used the software for creating music. These include T-Pain, Oasis and Rihanna.

Q: What about using GarageBand on PC?

A: The GarageBand version for PC is still not available. Nevertheless, there is the option of using emulators and virtual systems for making music on PCs.

Q: Is GarageBand only available for Apple devices?

A: Yes, at present, GarageBand is just available for iOS devices.

Q: Why is GarageBand not available in the Windows App Store?

A: This is because GarageBand app comes from the house of Apple and has been specifically designed to use on macOS devices. Nevertheless, there are some ways of using GarageBand for Windows.

Q: Is it difficult to download GarageBand for Windows?

A: There are no direct download options available to use GarageBand on Windows. Thus the process of using virtual machines or emulators for the same can be a bit challenging. However, the ones with proper experience can get about easily with the process.

Q: What are the requirements of using GarageBand on Windows:

A: The requirements for using GarageBand on Windows are Intel Core i3 CPU; 2Gb free hard disk storage and 2 GB RAM.

Q: Are there apps similar to GarageBand available in the market?

A: Yes, of course. You can find a number of good alternatives to GarageBand that work as responsively and as smoothly as this music composing medium from Apple.

Final Words

The details above might have surely provided you with the information you require for making music with the use of GarageBand on your Windows PC, right? Using GarageBand for creating music on your Windows PC will not be a major difficulty for you if at all you know how to download the app on your system.

You must know that there is no official version of GarageBand available for PC. But there are different sources that will offer you varied workarounds for getting this app on your PC. Make sure you are going for methods that are reliable and useful at the very first instance. Failing to do so might risk your system to damages caused due to viruses.