How to Delete/Uninstall GarageBand

Apple’s music lovers can’t get enough of GarageBand for its wide range of production, editing, and ease of access in the interface but the app itself remains very storage-heavy. It also requires a functioning 2 GB RAM minimum and a 4GB RAM for best results. This problem makes users with lesser storage or RAM capacity delete/ uninstall the app but sometimes, iOS users may find it difficult to do so. To ensure there is the complete removal of the system files that keep operating in the background and to remove this app from your device, follow the steps listed below–

Through apps like ‘Funter’

Sometimes third-party apps (like Funter, Terminal, or AppleScript) help users in deleting an application (like GarageBand), that is available by default in the App Store and whose system files keep operating in the background of your device. These host apps follow a protocol and help users remove these files and delete the app completely as desired, without much hassle. To delete GarageBand through these third-party apps, follow the steps below:

  • Long press the GarageBand app on your device and move it to the Trash folder.
  • Open the Apple Store and search for ‘Funter’ app and click on Install.
  • Once downloaded, open this app and search for GarageBand in the search bar displayed on the top of your screen.
  • All system files related to GarageBand will be shown in a list. Press the checkbox in front of the ‘Remove’ button to delete all data.
  • After doing this, GarageBand will be removed from your device completely.

Through ‘App Cleaner and Uninstaller’

App Cleaner and Uninstaller is a safe, easy app used to delete applications completely from your Apple device. Using this app for Apple devices makes sure that all necessary clean up is carried out without the service files operating in the background.

  • Open the Apple Store on your device and search for ‘App Cleaner and Uninstaller’ and press Install.
  • Open the installed app and search for GarageBand in the ‘Applications’ folder which will be visible on your screen.
  • The list of files related to GarageBand will pop up on the screen and you can select all by checking the box in front of GarageBand.
  • Now press the Remove button.
  • Confirm the removal and your device is GarageBand- free.

Both of these methods are easy and fool-proof and will make sure that the app is completely deleted from your device without much trouble. Since the GarageBand app is used for premium quality production and creation of audio, it is bound to be a heavy app which is the absolute removal files running in the background need to be cleared from the cache memory, trash folder etc. so as to ensure the availability of new space.

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